Ballistics (2019)

photo: Aigi Boga / Curtocircuito

Ballistics is an audiovisual performance for pendulum interfaces drawing inspiration from popular science fiction and mysticism. The wireless luminous objects are equipped with motion sensors allowing for handheld manipulations, oscillations, spins and high momentum trajectories. An exercise in sonifying sharp movements and pendulum physics, this performance uses digital modular synthesis to reveal a corroded and textural landscape of uneven rhythms.

Conception, composition and performance : Myriam Bleau
Created with the support of iii residency program, The Hague, NL, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Qu├ębec and Usine C (QC-CA)

Ballistics at Curtocircuito. Santiago de Compostela, ES. Sep 2019. // photo: Aigi Boga

Ballistics at Multiplica. Luxembourg, LU. Mar 2019. // photo: Sven Becker